What is Skate Bux?

Skate Bux is a unique rewards cards designed specifically for skateboarders. Unlike other discount cards, Skatebux actually puts real money back in your pocket and hooks you up with free stuff. Skate Bux card holders simply flash their card to participating merchants and instantly receive a percentage off their purchase. As more purchases are made, we hook up card holders with more free stuff like; skate park passes, grip tape, tshirts, free pizzas and other cool stuff that you'd normally have to pay for. 

How Do I Get a Skate Bux Card?

Getting a Skate Bux card is easy. Just register on this website with a valid email address and we'll mail out your Skate Bux card. The sign-up process only takes 1-2 minutes and you'll be hooked-up for life. As a Skate Bux Member you'll receive notifications to your email, Facebook and/or text (only if you provide a cell number when signing up) when new deals and discounts become available. We will be adding participating merchants to Skate Bux on a monthly basis, so we will be hooking-up Skate Bux members with all kinds of cool stuff all the time.


Skate Bux Membership Card